Monday, February 28, 2011

Awesome video from a GOOD local Philly band

Without You in my Life by Perception of Reality. These guys are great and put on a great show! I was at both shows that were recorded for this video and both times (like every time) were some fun ass nights!

Awesome Song - Avenged Sevenfold: Clairvoyant Disease

I never did acid so why do I have crazy dreams?

My daughter woke me up at 5:30 AM. She wanted to watch the Little Mermaid.  She kept asking for Ariel.  So I put the movie on, went pee, smoked a cigarette, and layed back down.  The baby was watching the movie, clapping her little hands.  I drifted off back to sleep (so did she).  I had the weirdest fucking dream.  In real life, I am on medication.  I'm on Paxil and Buspar for panic attacks and I'm on the pill.  I'm also on antibiotics right now for an ear infection.  I haven't felt the need to take the panic medication the past few days and I always forget to take the pill.  In my dream, my doctor was coming to my house and I had to take all the medication I missed.  For some reason, my brother had an OxyContin pill and I stole it from him (I had an addiction a couple years ago).  I was in my bedroom, about to crush up the Oxy to snort it, and I was about to swallow all of my back doses that I had missed when I decided to look out of my bedroom window.  On the wires right outside of my window, were about 10 enormous horse heads.  Don't ask me.  They were moving along the wire.  I looked down into the street and there was a horse and carriage coming up.  The horse looked up, saw the horse heads, and freaked out.  I leaned against my bedroom window and it fell out; I fell with it.  The window landed way before I did, right in front of the freaked-out horse.  I can't remember if I landed or if I was about to land when I woke up. What the fuck is that dream supposed to mean?!?!

Dull, Boring Weekend

Didn't get to do anything this weekend. Had no one to go out with Friday and babysat Saturday. Today, I spent the day with my daughter. Looking forward to the Shamrock Shuttle! I'm going with my brother's girlfriend even though I'm not crazy over her. Maybe I'll run into someone I know and be able to ditch her...or I can always make new friends!  Back to class tomorrow morning. Don't wanna go. But I'll be looking forward to my next adventures out: Shamrock Shuttle on the 5th, a Perception of Reality and Fight the Brave show on St. Pat's and Perception of Reality featured in the final round of a Battle of the Bands on my birthday weekend. Should be some fun times. All of these events are places I'd be going with if I still talked to my best friend but she chose other things over me. Sucks but what can you do? I did what I could. She can't be helped if she doesn't want to be. Wonder if I'll run into her on the Shuttle (we were supposed to go on it together) or at the St. Patty's show (we've known about it for over a month already). We saw each other last week but neither of us said anything to the other. We both wiped tears away before our makeup smeared...

Goodbye for now.