Saturday, April 26, 2014

Time You Enjoy Wasting is Not Wasted Time

It's been a very long time since I last posted something on here. So much has happened in the two-plus years since I last wrote. I'm still living in the house that I started to have second thoughts about. Jim and I are still together; we celebrated our 3-year anniversary last month. We also had 2 more kids, another beautiful girl in November, 2012, and a precious baby boy this past January. I am planning on returning to school in July and hope to possibly find a job, even if it's just part time, until then. I've been wanting to do a DIY/craft/recipe/etc. blog with an entry per day. I have so many entries and ideas already...well I can't exactly say 'already' because it's something I've been planning...for over a year now. I have so many things to write in eacb entry. I havent decided if I am going to use THIS blog for it or if I want to start a new one. Well, we shall (hopefully) see if I can get that started! Even though I'm home most of the time, being home with 3 kids (well 2, seeing as my oldest is in school every day...can't believe she's in school [even thoigh it's only preschool] and almost finished her first year! Time surely flies with kids!!