Thursday, September 1, 2011

Just Some Random Thoughts

Getting a shower soon.  Boyfriend will be done work and I need to be fresh and clean when I see him.  Never know when you're gonna get some so always gotta be prepared!

Drinking some coffee and smoking a cigarette.  Coffee is one of the best inventions ever.  Thank you to the Ethiopians who discovered it like thousands of years ago.

Cant believe it's September already.  This year has gone so fast. Two months until my favorite holiday, Halloween.  Less than three months until gobble day and less than 4 until Christmas. Yikes!

Wish I got paid to be at home.  Need to find a new job since apparently, my boss fired me without telling me.  Awesome.  Fucking prick.  I fucking hate lawyers.  He fucked me over bad.  After getting this job, I lost the cash assistance I got from welfare (which I didn't mind because I hate dealing with those fucks).  But he kept telling me that once September came, I would be on full-time.  So I dropped the classes I was registered for at school.  Now I have no job and it's too late for me to re-register.  So I have no money, no job, no school this semester, and can't get back onto cash assistance without going to some job-search thing that they will make me do.  Fucking cunt.

I got a little wild there. Now I gotta worry about how I'm going to support my two-year-old until I find a new job, which we all know are very hard to come by.  Can't get a job with a lawyer or even as a regular secretary because they all want 2-4 years experience or a bachelor's degree.  Don't wanna go back into the restaurant business because I actually want to see my daughter - don't feel like being at work until 2-3 AM, not getting to bed until 4 then having someone else raise my kid while I'm sleeping during the day.  I'll figure something out though.  I always do.

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