Friday, March 6, 2015

Don't Wait, the Time Will Never Be Just Right

Wow. So just like my last blog post, it's been a while since I posted anything. Almost a year. I really want to get started with it again. Not that I have any followers. I have one. Not really. My only follower is me. Sucks but oh well, that's the way the cookie crumbles sometime.

I started another blog too, about my experiences with drug addiction. I only have five posts but there is a lot to each one. It could probably be several chapters of a book. All addiction stories are basically the same though so it would be like reading every other book that chronicles someone's addiction.

I really want to have an everyday blog. Of course, I'd like to keep up with this one every day but who reads it besides me? I've been planning a blog for like 2 years now. A 365 day DIY blog, filled with crafts, recipes, tips, etc. But if I can't even get people to follow me on THIS blog or my addiction blog, how would I get followers on the "Mom's Got it Together" blog I've been planning? Maybe some day. Maybe if I start to get followers on here or my other one, I can start that one up
 Wishful thinking.

I love how it's almost 3am and I'm still awake. Well, not really, I don't really LOVE it. Just an expression. I wrote about being up late on an entry earlier in this blog. I'm am insomniac. I've never been diagnosed (I've actually never even seen a doctor about it) but I have several symptoms of chronic imsomnia. It never botheted me before when I was younger but things are a lot different now that I have 3 kids, all aged 5 and under. Tons of fun. I also smoke a lot when I don't (or can't) sleep. Then I wake up to either no cigarettes or almost none. That sucks. I really should see a doctor about it, especially since I've been like this since I was in high school and it isn't getting any better! I actually did fall asleep pretty early tonight. I was watching WWE Smackdown and fell asleep while that was on, sometime between 930-10 but got woken up at 1008 to my son screaming like he was being killed because he threw his bottle out of his pack-n-play. Couldn't get back to sleep after that. Maybe I'll try to get back to sleep now. Or in a few minutes. Smoke a cigarette first. Now that I think of it, the only times I didn't have many sleep issues was when I was a big pothead. Haven't smoked in 2 years though but I've really been wanting to lately. Ugh.

Cop killings are on my mind right now. Ever since this kid was killed by a cop in Ferguson, Missouri back in August (which was justified), there have been strings of police officers being killed. Two in two days. And it's sad that it doesn't even make the national news half the time. A cop was killed on Wednesday in Georgia. Shot to death. And today (well, technically yesterday) a hometown hero in the City of Brotherly Love was shot and killed. Shot three times, once in the head. It's a fucking disgrace. Both cops left behind children. The Philly cop had a 9 year old and a 1 year old. At least the older one got a chance to know his father but the baby will have no memories of him. It's really fucking sad. I thought about becoming a cop. I would still like to but I'm getting too old. Almost 30, completely out of shape, and no driver's license. You need to have a license for at least 3 years. Sucks.

Yay it's March! Winter is almost over! I hate winter. We've been getting a lot of snow the past month or so. Got like 8 inches yesterday. I don't want spring to come though. I want it to skip straight to summer.

So, last month, Nicholas Coia went to court. Almost 12 years ago, he was one of the kids that killed my friend Jason Sweeney. I was friends with him too. And his brother Domenic. I didn't know the other two, Eddie Batzig and Justina Morley. Justina lured Sweeney to his death. She took him to an isolated spot back by the Delaware river, a place I used to go with Dom to smoke weed. She lured him for sex. After they got there and he pulled his pants down, the boys jumped out and beat him to death with a hammer, a hatchet, and a rock. All for his paycheck so they could get high. They beat his head and face so bad, every bone was broken except his left cheekbone. When he was found, they didn't know if he was an old man or a young kid. He was only 16 years old. The boys got sentenced to life in prison, while the whore got 17-1/2 to 35 years (only about 5-1/2 years left until she's eligible for parole). A few years back, the Supreme Court decided that sentencing anyone under 18 to life in prison is cruel and unusual punishment, a violation of I think the 18th admendment. So anyone who was under 18 when they committed a crime and was sentenced to life can appeal their sentence, which is exactly what Nicky did. Sweeney's sister Melissa had his friends and family members write a letter for court. The judge decided to uphold his life sentence. Thank God. It's bad enough the girl will be getting out eventually. It's a shame that the family had to go through that again. I could write a lot more on that topic. Maybe I will tomorrow.

It's after 3am now. I think I'll try to get back to sleep. Goodnight.

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