Thursday, March 3, 2011

Almost Spring Break!

Just had my first midterm.  Have a quiz later in geography (should be an easy 100) and tomorrow I have a math test.  I was worried about the math test but when the teacher did the review yesterday, the stuff I didn't understand just seemed to click! So that should be an A.  After that test, I'm done school until the 14th.  Looking forward to the Shamrock Shuttle on Saturday - if I can make it.  I was originally supposed to go with my best friend but she stopped talking to me.  Then I made plans with my brother's girlfriend.  I don't know what's gonna happen with her now - she just found out she's pregnant and is planning an abortion.  I'll find someone to go with, someway, somehow.  I have over 500 friends on Facebook so it shouldn't be too hard...should it?

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