Wednesday, March 11, 2015

For the Birds

This not sleeping shit is for the birds. Okay I don't quite get that quote but this sucks. In the past like 2-3 weeks, I just haven't really been able to sleep with the exception of about four nights. I don't understand it one bit because I'm exhausted. Either I'll fall asleep somewhat early, like last night when I fell asleep around 930, then I'll wake up and can't get back to sleep or I just can't get to sleep at all like tonight. I really need to see a doctor about this because it can't keep happening. I've got a bottle of Advil PM and a bottle of Benadryl. I'm about to take both bottles!! Maybe it's because I have my socks on and nothing over my head. I can't sleep with socks and I have to have my head covered with my blanket. Okay socks are off.

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