Thursday, March 12, 2015

Monday Night Raw

Watching last night's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw on Hulu (I like to watch it the next day anyway because instead of an hour and a half of commercials, there's only about 10 commercial slots that are only 30 seconds each). I fell asleep last night while watching it. I was excited to see the Undertaker respond to Bray Wyatt's Wrestlemania challenge but was disappointed. I enjoyed the response but was disappointed that the Deadman didn't actually appear.

Curtis Axel should get a bigger push instead od being stuck as a jobber. I like him. Plus he's a legacy, a third generation wrestler. It sucks his match was only like 30 seconds long and rarely wins. Mr. Perfect's son deserves more. He looks just like Mr. Perfect too, just without the long, curly blonde hair, and not all roided up. Dolph Ziggler channels Curtis Hennig with his hair. I like how Axel's stage name is his father's real first name. #Axelmania

I like that the Divas are getting a bit more screentime. Two matches on live TV? Awesome. It sucks that the Diva's championship isn't on the line at Wrestlemania. Instead they turn the Diva's match into a tag team match. That's corny. All of the titles should be defended during the pay-per-views, ESPECIALLY Wrestlemania. They should also have a women's tag team title.

Randy Orton turned on Seth Rollins and the Authority. Who didn't see that coming since his return, especially after the opening segment of Raw.

I can't wait until Wrestlemania. Definitely looking forward to Sting vs. HHH. And even though it's the night before, I'm definitely looking forward to the Hall of Fame inductions. Wrestlers from when I was a kid that I loved are being inducted - Macho Man Randy Savage and the Bushwhackers! Awesome!!

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