Wednesday, August 24, 2011

East Coast Earthquake and Hurricane Irene

Just before 2PM, I was laying in my bed minding my own business when the bed started to shake.  I thought my brother was in his closet doing whatever dumb shit it is that he does.  I got up and started to get dressed to go yell at him when my entire bedroom started to shake.  I had a million thoughts.  One thought was my house was going to collapse.  Another thought was that my street was being worked on and the workers hit something that made the house shake (almost a month ago, part of my street caved in and workers from PGW [Philadelphia Gas Works] had been fixing it).  I went to open my bedroom window.  Before I did, I saw a neighbor across the street come out of her house and another with his head out the window.  I opened it and heard the little old ladies on the block talking.  I stuck my head out and saw my dad outside and asked him what just happened, as I didn't see any workers there.  He told me it was an earthquake.  I went on Facebook and of course, there were about a hundred statuses talking about the earthquake and the end of the world.  Turns out, a 5.9 magnitude quake hit Virginia and its effects were felt all up and down the eastern coast, stretching as far north as New York, as far south as Georgia and as far west as Illinois.

For a few days, meteorologists have been tracking Hurricane Irene.  Today, they decided to announce that the path of the storm was straight up the eastern seaboard.  Wahoo!  Even though Philly isn't near the ocean, I'm sure we will be effected by it.  I'm not looking forward to the rain but I am looking forward to the science behind it.  These kinds of things fascinate me.  I should really switch my major to science or geography or something like that!

I'm just glad that I was at the shore this past weekend and not this upcoming weekend!

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